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Wednesday, MAY 27, 7:30 PM
Aurthor Eric Lehman will be talking about his new book "Homegrown Terror, Benidict Arnold And The Burning Of New London".  More to follow.
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Wednesday March 25, 7:30 PM
MWPGM Simon LaPlace will be giving a talk and taking questions on the legacy of Masonic Districts in Connecticut.

All Masons are welcome.
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Wednesday, Feb. 25 7:30 PM
Our first 2015 stated communication welcomes Philosophic Lodge of Research's Justin Duffy.
Br. Justin will be presenting his new paper on that most valuable Masonic virtue, Charity.

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Sunday, January 18 1:30 PM
Joint Installation Of Officers of
Philosopic Lodge of Research and Masonic Lodge of Research.
To be held at at the Masonic Eastern Star Building, 324 Main Street in Cromwell, a buffet will follow.  Family and frinds are invited to attend.


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Friday November 14, 6:30 PM.
Masonic Lodge of Research presents:
Arturo de Hoyos

Brother de Hoyos is Grand Archivist and Grand Historian of the Scottish Rite Research Society, author or contributor to scores of books, and is one of the world's leading athorities on the history, philosophy, symbolisim and purposes of Freemasonry, and has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, etc.

The Battle to Control the High Degrees of Freemasonry
in the United States
"I will introduce the high degrees, the attempts made to organize them, and the fights between various groups to claim the rights to certain types of Masonry. There are some stories of conflict, some of which end with remarkable demonstrations of
true Masonic virtue and Brotherly-love."

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The 2012 James Royal Case Fellow


awarded October 19, 2013
at Masonic Lodge of Research.

Hogan certificate

T-Hogan at MLR

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32 Secret Paths of Solomon

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March 26, 2014 

The Secrets of a Master Mason - Freemasonrey, Quabalah and Geometry in the Lodge

The Lodge layout, furniture, and ritual are the records in the archives of Freemasonry's esoteric teachings.

These Secrets hide in plain site, and embody the Wisdom of the ancient Rabbis, the Strength of Greek Mathematics and the Beauty of the Enlightenment philosophy of Europe in the 1700. 

This slide presentation will question why a four sided Lodge is guarded by only three visible Officers and the North is dark; examine the deliberate misspelling of the Hebrew Name of one of the Twin Pillars; The Theory of Unity that underlies Pythagoras and the Rabbis who wrote the Torah; The meaning of our Tools beyond that explained in the ritual; The placement of the Great Lights and configuration of the apron as the degrees advance; The Biblical systems of Numbers; The Qabalaistic Tree of Life in Creation and mankind; some theories on CHiram and the Mystery of The Widow’s Son; The Names of God; Brother Leonardo and Raphael, Fellowcrafts; and the translation of the Substitute Word from Hebrew.

The Five Points of Fellowship, Grip and Word must be exchanged before you can attend, Master Masons ONLY.


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M.L.R. meets at the Masonic Temple Building, 285 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT.

sun12The Masonic Lodge of Research is charterd under the Grand Lodge of Connecticut A.F.&A.M.  but differs  from most Lodges in the state.  MLR has only six meetings per year, and does not initiate candidates. Our meetings typically have a short business portion followed by a presentation by a member or guest, or a discussion of Masonic topics.

Any Master Mason in good standing in Connecticut, or any of Grand Jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Connecticut A.F.& A.M, is eligible for membership, and is welcome to attend our meetings as a guest.

Some presentations given by Lodge of Research are open to a wider audience, and information about such events will be made available here as they are scheduled.

Old_Leather_3_shelves_LLRMany papers published by both the Masonic Lodge of Research and Philosopical Lodge of Research can be viewed for study, personal enrichment or lodge education programs.
Connecticut Masons, log on to the Grand Lodge Masonic Education page with your name and password.(instructions are available on the site)

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